I actually have a kind of fond memory of good old Larique. Even though I spent a night of terror, the sheer nerve the man had…breathtaking. Larique sent a request to book our place for his birthday. He was from a town in upstate NY, which pre-pandemic I was always leery of other New YorkersContinue reading “Larique!”

The First Guests

*Note: This illustration will eventually change, I just wanted something there to stop stalling me. Our first guests were kind of interesting. I think we started renting the place out in January of 2017, and before pandemic times, there was not a lot of action in the winter. Most of the inquiries we were gettingContinue reading “The First Guests”

The House

I moved into this house approximately 15 years ago. It is in Bushwick, Brooklyn. At the time, I had been living down the street for a year or two with a friend and had for various reasons decided that I no longer wanted a roommate and wanted to cut ties with my living situation quickly.Continue reading “The House”

Switching Gears

Oh , god… It has been so long since I have written in here that everything has changed and I need to re learn it all. But that is okay. Originally, I called this the Quarantine Diaries, because we were all locked in our houses afraid of the world. And basically, I have pretty muchContinue reading “Switching Gears”

It is Revealed That , Okay, Maybe I kinda Stole Someone’s Cat

In March, when the city shut down and people were quarantining themselves in their homes and not going to work, this cat started showing up in our courtyard. He was very skittish, filthy, and looked underweight. You could see his muscle definition. My neighbor saw him once and exclaimed, “Man, that cat is RIPPED”! TheContinue reading “It is Revealed That , Okay, Maybe I kinda Stole Someone’s Cat”


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