Strange Signs the Neighbor is Losing His Mind.

My immediate neighbor moved in shortly before the pandemic. He’s a total “Josh” kind of guy. Never had a problem with him at all, but also never really felt the need to get to know him any better than small talk when he empties his trash and I’m out there smoking.

For the past couple of days though, I have noticed through his window that he has erected some kind of positive affirmation type thing on his wall. For starters, I do not understand people that don’t use curtains. But, whatever. Let this serve as a cautionary tale, I guess.

Also, the guy is supposedly a designer, so you would think he’d have a little style and panache, but it looks like he’s running a kindergarten in there as a result of this weird sign. And there is nothing wrong with the sign, it’s just a total and complete result of the pandemic. I have noticed it through his window for a few days now, but couldn’t read it all. Tonight I felt fairly sure he was gone, so I stood on a chair and peered in his window at 2 a.m. to see what the whole thing, plastered across his entire living room, said:

How to work better:

  1. Do one thing at a time
  2. Know the problem
  3. Learn to listen
  4. Learn to ask questions
  5. Distinguish sense from nonsense
  6. accept change as inevitable
  7. admit mistakes
  8. Stay simple
  9. Be calm
  10. smile

Not terrible advice. Not too far off from what I would write on my own. But would I erect a giant, weird, multi-colored word inspiration tapestry in my living room? The answer is no. Jesus, I would make a far better designer than him. But anyways, sign of the times. I hope we all get through it however we can.

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