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I actually have a kind of fond memory of good old Larique. Even though I spent a night of terror, the sheer nerve the man had…breathtaking. Larique sent a request to book our place for his birthday. He was from a town in upstate NY, which pre-pandemic I was always leery of other New Yorkers…

The First Guests

*Note: This illustration will eventually change, I just wanted something there to stop stalling me. Our first guests were kind of interesting. I think we started renting the place out in January of 2017, and before pandemic times, there was not a lot of action in the winter. Most of the inquiries we were getting…

The House

I moved into this house approximately 15 years ago. It is in Bushwick, Brooklyn. At the time, I had been living down the street for a year or two with a friend and had for various reasons decided that I no longer wanted a roommate and wanted to cut ties with my living situation quickly.…

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