Maybe I'll start designing elaborate sets for my apartment video chats

As somewhat expected, I woke up this morning to a text from my brother saying “Mom said you had symptoms of covid 19 – are you okay???”……uuuugghh. Yes, I am fine, I don’t actually think I had it – it was more a hypothetical possibility because nobody knows anything in this country due to our lack of testing. I do not have nor, realistically think I did have the Coronavirus.

My friends from a few blocks away called for a morale check in, which was nice. Still a little weird, but I suppose not. We are used to getting together on Monday’s and watching the Bachelor, so this sorta took place instead, and it is definitely interesting to get the different perspectives on what is going on. Especially from local people who are in the same boat (city) as I am. And I do appreciate that everyone is being more connected in that way, making sure everyone is fine and not in a panic or depression.

I have had a couple people excitedly bring up video chat and virtual happy hour things as a possibility. They seem to get great joy from this. My thoughts are ‘what the fuck guys???!! Do you have any idea what I look like right now? Hell no!’ Since I’m by myself, I am making no effort whatsoever to look presentable. Often, I take a day or two off showering. I don’t even consider makeup unless I am going to the store. I also have discovered this weird character trait where I refuse to wear clothes that I actually like, because I don’t want to ‘spoil’ the good stuff that I would wear out in public. Kind of like, why wear the fancy lingerie unless there is a possibility of getting laid?

The grocery store though, that is where it is all happening. For that I will shower, dress appropriately, and wear makeup. I’ll even put on regular shoes. ( Which is actually rather strange because in the past I would not care at all what I look like at the grocery store. Suddenly though, it’s like dressing up for an elaborate night out o the town) Am I supposed to also be doing this in case someone wants to video chat? Why do people need to see one another? I don’t get it.

If I do succumb to the video chat though, I plan to spend just as much time arranging my backdrop to look like I am in a fabulous location. And I’d like to change it up regularly, perhaps with themes.

Along the same lines but in reverse, the local news is getting hilarious. (I mean, not the content, but the delivery) Channel two tonight showed all of these segments done by iPhone with bad echos because the reporters were doing social distancing from their home. One reporter even did ten push ups in his living room. They turn to the sports announcer and he’s basically like ” Yeah, I got nothing.”. It all looks so low budget, it cracks me up. Which I guess is good, because honestly, everything else is pretty horrible right now.

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