A blip of insanity hits the radar

Today absolutely nothing happened. My sleep schedule is insane now, not that it wasn’t before. But when you have nowhere to go and have never been good at a set schedule, it goes crazy. I woke up so late today that I will not even reveal the time. I kept wondering if it was Saturday or if it was already Sunday. With no work outside the house it gets hard to tell. I suddenly get why my mom has called me on a few occasions when I was at work just to talk. She said she didn’t realize what day it was, and I wondered if she was getting dementia. Nope, turns out she’s just retired.

I feel like I am eating more, because I’m not distracted by life. I had been thinking this isolation might slim me down, but I realize it could easily do the opposite. My commute to work is perhaps a half mile of fast paced walking each direction, and quite a few stairs to reach the subway. I also often run errands at work, and I prefer walking to trains if I can, so I am losing a lot of physical activity. I’ve been sleeping way too much and feel tired a lot, and I think it’s just being sedentary that is making me feel this way. We are still allowed to go outside for walks as long as we don’t congregate and hold a distance, so if I get up before sundown I might take a long walk. I saw on the news all of the shops in SOHO were emptying their shelves and boarding up, expecting to be burglarized or looted, so it would be interesting to walk over the bridge to Manhattan and check that out. It’s so weird to see that and kind of sad. But what is much sadder to me than some fancy assed store being boarded up is the thought of all of the small mom and pop businesses that have been here forever , and all the small independent retailers, restaurants and bars may be having to shutter permanently. Those are the places that make New York so cool and unique…

I guess there are prisoners and guards at Rikers who have tested positive, and there is some talk of letting certain prisoners out. Additionally, first responders like cops and paramedics are getting sick, so this might get ugly really fast. It really is like living in a movie. And not a rom com. It’s so awful that domestic violence is on the rise, and I can only imagine everything is going to get so. much. worse. in the next few weeks.

I did watch the press conference from Governor Cuomo. Like many New Yorkers, I have always hated the guy, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t give a very clear, concise, honest, and proactive update. He’s doing a great job at taking on leadership and looking in control. He’s a breath of fresh air over Trump, who is just blowing smoke up our asses and freaking out if people question him. The lies and half truths are unbelievable. (literally!) Here is a link to the message from Governor Cuomo. It may or may not work. https://www.facebook.com/WorldNewsTonight/videos/203807257537623/UzpfSTc2MDMwNDM5ODoxMDE1ODA1OTQ2MjM4NDM5OQ/

I’m definitely going to try to get that walk in. I think the fresh air and exercise will make me feel better. I also wonder how long we have until taking long walks isn’t even an option. Might as well get it in while I can.

Jesus, this was a depressing post!

2 thoughts on “A blip of insanity hits the radar

  1. We had to go to Manhattan today and drove around Soho. Obviously all the shops were closed, but none of them were boarded up. Just wanted to let you know.


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