Shelter In Place Goes Into Effect – Oh Wait, They Don't Want to Call it That. "Stay Home" Lockdown thing goes into Effect.

Not much to say today. Shelter in place went into effect today, which means you are only supposed to go outside for groceries, medicine, walk the dog, etc.

“work” was frustrating. My boss wants a printer shipped to another town and with this in place I am not sure stuff like office supplies will be delivered. Amazon might, but their website says stuff like food and household cleaners takes priority. He also has a flight booking that has been partially cancelled. I can cancel the full booking online for a refund in future travel voucher form, but he wants to try for a direct refund which can’t be done online. The British Airways website says don’t even try calling or emailing unless the flight is less than 72 hours away, so clearly I am not going to be able to speak to anyone directly and wish he’d just take the stupid voucher. Air BNB is also being frustrating that way. They were giving automatic refunds, but now if the booking has a check in date past April 14th that isn’t the case. I have three people trying to cancel and I am trying to do it so nobody gets penalties, but no response from air BNB. Their system is not working like usual and one of the people even got an email that said I turned down his request to cancel for refund, which I totally didn’t. Everyone wants stuff immediately and it isn’t going to happen. I found myself watching the clock even from home waiting to officially call it the weekend.

I went to the grocery store and was surprised at how many people were out. It was warm and sunny, so that would be normal on a regular day, but I thought this was the apocalypse???!!! Maybe it’s in part because this is the first day some of these people get off work who had not been able to work from home but are now mandated to, I don’t know.

The grocery store was hopping. A LOT more people wearing masks though. And people seemed to be trying to be somewhat respectful of distance. I keep seeing photos of stores in Manhattan with empty shelves and lines around the block, but not this one, I’m impressed. Maybe because thee is no parking lot and everyone has to carry their shit home? Not sure. The only empty shelf I saw was the macaroni and cheese / hamburger helper section.

Also, I tried this coconut based “yogurt”. I have tried other brands before and didn’t like the texture, and thought it just tasted like sugar, but this stuff fucking rocks. I am totally addicted. and wow, that picture turned out big. Anyway, I heard probiotics are a good choice right now.

Oh, also – a serious question which might make me sound like an idiot…. I keep hearing about people going to town and dousing their houses with bleach and sanitizer – which makes sense if you have a family that comes and goes, but for just myself, I haven’t really taken any extra steps. I generally try to keep my place clean anyway, and I’m pretty OCD on handwashing by nature – to the point where I keep finding myself washing my hands even after just going outside to smoke without thinking about it. I guess there could be some transfer if my groceries had germs on them and I’m putting them away and stuff, but up until now I’ve just been treating my apartment like a safe little bubble….. Is that normal?

Apparently the shit is going to hit the fan in a major way come this week.

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