Thanks for the reassuring words, Mike Pence

Oh, how nice. Today the “coronavirus task force” had a public meeting, and Mike Pence assured us that the US is really doing well, and look how far we have come.

Ohhhhhhh….goooooddddddd……go fuck yourself!

Infection rates have never been higher in the US, and it’s because of bullshit like this. This false hope, pretending the virus no longer exists, pressuring people to ‘get back to work’ before it is safe.

What’s crazy is I am sure he has heard stories like my neighbor’s – she is a nurse who worked with covid patients here in NY. She has had cancer and is immuno-compromised, but she went in anyhow. She got the virus. (thankfully, she survived)

She described it as a “suicide mission”. Nobody had proper PPE, everyone was overworked. At one point, they ran out of body bags, so they were just putting people in garbage bags. New York actually had such a backlog of dead bodies that they started temporarily burying them on Hart Island to be dug up later and dealt with.

I cannot even imagine the trauma of being around that all day, and being so exhausted you can barely function, and then getting covid on top, like a cherry.

So to see people bitching about wearing masks, or just flagrantly going out and being fucking stupid, and ESPECIALLY our “leaders” saying ‘wow, check out how well we are doing’ is just fucking offensive.

My neighbor went back to Long Island to recover, and while she may continue nursing, she isn’t coming back to Brooklyn/Manhattan. And I imagine healthcare workers all over, understandably, (those who are still living, let’s not forget that many have died) are not going to jump back in if we keep fucking this up.

Meanwhile, our “President” is trying to obliterate Obamacare/health insurance, is cutting federal funding for free covid testing sites in Texas, is not even participating anymore in a public discussion on a fucking PANDEMIC because he is pretending there isn’t one, yet insists on having the most rigorous testing there is surrounding himself and his immediate people. I don’t think it’s possible to hate a single individual more. But hey, everything is great!

I am guessing a lot of people in these states that wanted their hair cut so badly and didn’t think this was a big deal are going to get a big hit of reality very soon. Florida, I’m looking at you and your shitbag governor!

PS – thanks for ruining my vacation plans America!

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