OMG, that was so hilarious when I thought I could walk to and fro work from now on!

Last Friday my VPN connection to my work computer stopped working, and our IT guy said it was simply a matter of my office computer being frozen or turned off. All I needed to do was go in to the office and restart it. Since NY started Phase One reopening today, it is becoming more and more likely that we will return to some kind of office environment at some point, and I have been curious how long the walk would take. I had thought this would be an inconvenience only in the winter – I felt pretty confident that it would be no big issue now. I usually prefer to walk places if I can. But I have also been sitting on my ass for three months.

Anyhow, today I went in to reboot the computer, and the walk was LOOOOONNNNGGG. It took nearly two hours to get there. (although admittedly I probably did not take the most direct route.) Add to that, the issue with the computer was never sorted out. So I am going to meet my boss there on Wednesday, because our IT guy is useless.

The walk home was even longer, because I was tired and I felt like my legs were about to give out. I contemplated riding the subway, but even going up the stairs to get to the train seemed too hard. By the time I reached home, my feet were literally dragging and it hurt to walk up the three steps to my front door.

So….. commuting to work on foot is out. It’s hard to say how differently the walk would have gone three months ago when I was running around all over town, but even if my body weren’t aching right now, the time alone spent making that trip is insane.

So… I guess I will be taking the train. Which also means I pretty much figure I am going to get this virus at some point. If I weren’t a smoker, I’d be a lot less worried. But, wow. I am not sure how I feel about this.

The only other option seems to be biking or getting a scooter, but those also present issues. At this point it almost seems easier to just surrender and see what happens.

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