Not Your Average Memorial Day

I was curious to see what Memorial Day would look like this year. While of course it is a somber day of remembrance, it’s also pretty much the unofficial opening of summer. In my neighborhood, this means people are out on their stoops barbecuing up a storm. A lot of people in NYC don’t have backyards, and so they all come out to the front of the buildings. There is a heavy Puerto Rican community in Bushwick, so you will see extended families out front with elaborate buffet style eats going on. Children running around , and the older people just hanging out having beers or whatever enjoying the day. And seriously, this is usually every couple buildings on Memorial Day. You have to weave your way around them. And I’m not saying that like it’s a pain in the ass, it’s a joyful thing. It means summer has officially begun!

Today, nothing. I was actually surprised. I thought there would be a little bit of that, especially watching on the news other states partying it up. The weather was nice. I did not see a single stoop party today, and I took a long walk through the neighborhood looking.

It makes me sad. I mean, that’s great that people are staying inside and not going crazy or relaxing too much, but part of me wonders if it isn’t because they lost family members and there is nothing to celebrate. A lot of these stoop partiers are people that have a lot of family members under one roof, and that seems to be the easiest way to pass the virus around. I hope they are just being cautious and doing their thing indoors.

I have been noticing more and more as the end of month starts closing in that there is a ton of furniture on the sidewalks. People are clearing out. My neighborhood also has a lot of people in their 20’s and early thirties, probably students or young people who have parents helping them out with rent. I suspect the parents are pulling their monetary support because they don’t want their kids living here, as well as school ending. My neighbor, who I barely know, he only showed up a month or so before the lockdown, caught me outside , and after talking about this phenomenon said ” Wouldn’t it be funny if we were the last two people in New York?”… And I was just like…..’yeah. that would definitely be funny all right’.

In any case, Memorial Day today was unrecognizable as such.

I saw this horrifying thing buzzing around my front door which I was convinced was one of those murder hornets, but after a quick google discovered it is a carpenter bee. So I spent all day learning about them and using it as an excuse to go to the hardware store, then the grocery store, then the 99 cent store to try and find ways to thwart the sure to come horrific devastation that this single insect I saw was going to cause. I bought a whole bunch of shit and then realized I had something in my house already that should work. But it’s fine. I was really just looking for reasons to leave the house.

And while I have something that should kill them, I plan to try a holistic approach that will just ward them off. I hear they hate sound and vibration. So, weirdly, I’m just going to crank up some fucking gangster rap tomorrow in my doorway.

They also supposedly hate almond oil. So I bought some of that. But I fear using that will encourage even worse pests. Be careful what you wish for I guess.

I’m hoping the rap music will ward off my bee problem.

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