4 More Weeks (at least)!

Well, thankfully nobody is listening to Donald Trump regarding opening the country to save the economy and just let all the poor people die. Well, except a handful of protesters in states where I’m assuming the people are inbred. Seriously, what the fuck Michigan???!! From what I understand Detroit was hit pretty hard, so this boggles the mind…

I am enjoying that MOST people are clearly not listening to Trump and have no intention of immediately jumping back to normal to save his re-election prospects. Jesus. And clearly, he doesn’t have that authority to begin with. He still seems to think some states don’t even need testing. (oh, I wonder why….because that will up the death rate?!) And obviously that is key. Even if Trump, Cuomo, and my boss all told me I needed to get back to work or lose my job, I would not make a decision for myself until I have the antibody test and can have or make a path/plan to go forward if I don’t have immunity.

And CLEARLY New York is nowhere NEAR ready. It’s still constant sirens outside, people are dropping left and right, and there is a tangible fear.

Yesterday Governor Cuomo ordered that all New Yorkers must where masks in public, and this video just cracks me up, because he goes through it very seriously and then at about 2:10 he says “You must wear a mask, OR, an attractive bandana, OR a color coordinated bandana or cloth”.. I just thought that part was super funny, him getting into the fashion side of it all. Hopefully this link works:

That link might not work, it’s doing weird shit. Oh well.

Speaking of fashion, a lot of the ladies I have talked to have been online shopping like they are going to die tomorrow, so I am wondering if we will all come out of quarantine like it’s a runway show.

In any case, Cuomo said the PAUSE (I can’t remember what the letters stand for) will extend until at least May 15th. I am a little concerned my job might go away because I think all of the Federal funding for the Paycheck Protection Program went away and my boss still has not gotten it (though he’s on the list)… But what can you do at this point.

I went on a walk the other day and while it was nice to be out, it was pretty grim. Everyone for the most part seems this weird blend of suspicious and kind to one another, being very careful to give each other space. I’m seeing a lot more graffiti (and I don’t meant the awesome street art this hood is known for) on windows and facades of buildings. Some businesses have been broken into. The hospital has put up a shield in it’s parking lot so people can’t watch the bodies being loaded into the mobile morgue on the street. Freshly dug graves at the cemetary and little memorials popping up in front of buildings to remind you that people right here are dying.

It’s just very surreal.

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