The Sound of Sirens

Before all of the shit hit the fan, my boss had hired a new girl. My boss is terrible at hiring people and only about 1 in 10 actually work out. She was a total score though, completely normal person, seemed together and smart, had no super obvious freaky quirks like his usual hires. Both myself and my coworker were relieved.

My boss has this habit of not only hiring for the most part exceptionally weird and annoying people, but he also cannot directly fire them. I have never seen it done. He always keeps their personal email on hand and then fires them over email before they come in to work so that nobody has to look one another in the eye or have a conversation. I am always Cc’d on these emails because I am the office manager, and I guess some kind of poor excuse for an HR department.

One time this spectacularly failed – he sent the email out and the girl showed up at work. Having been Cc’d, I just figured she hadn’t checked her personal email yet. My boss was out, so I just kept waiting for her to figure it out. I just didn’t have the heart to go up and tell her she was fired and go home. Then my boss came in and ignored the situation. I went in there and told him, incase he hadn’t noticed. He said she was aware of it, don’t worry. English was a second language for her, so I was not sure.. She left at one point, and I breathed a sigh of relief, but then she came back. I guess she just went to lunch. I told my boss “Seriously, I don’t think she gets it”… So all day we were on pins and needles trying to figure out if she knew she had actually been fired, but neither of us wanted to really just get in there and have the balls to say it directly. She probably could have pulled off about three more days of that shit before enough was enough.

Thankfully, at the end of the day she acknowledged the email and said she just felt it was her duty to work the whole day and wrap up loose ends. We all collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

Anyhow, I bring her up because today was kind of like that. Yesterday my boss emailed the new girl and said that because of the shutdown and all of the problems it was causing he would have to let her go. He Cc’d me and our Tech guy, and mentioned that the tech guy would cut off her VPN so she could no longer access the server. Except my boss contacted her through her work email rather than her personal email. What must have happened is she didn’t check it before the tech guy cut off the VPN. So this morning I woke up to the tech guy calling and saying ” the new girl keeps calling me because she can’t access the server, and doesn’t know she is fired. Your coworker doesn’t know either, and she keeps calling her too. Your boss will not answer his phone.”

So that was uncomfortable. I hope we can hire her back eventually. If she still wants to work for the freakshow that is my office.

Other than that, I have been staying busy at work trying to get loans and government assistance to keep the office afloat, and god – it sucks the big one. How I long for the old days of having a mind-numbing but routine and easily doable job in an office where the hardest part was just showing up.

Beyond that, it’s pretty shitty out there… I think everyone in New York has been commenting on the fact that all they hear is sirens now. The city is normally so noisy that walking out of your house is kind of like living near a frat party or something. The traffic, the honking, the car alarms, construction, planes, people yelling, people out congregating on their stoops, the bars, ice cream trucks playing music…it’s amazing we all aren’t deaf. But all I have heard from people lately is ” Yeah, I just hear sirens all the time now. That’s the only noise”.

On a side note, the one upside is that I live under a flight path and every time an airplane flies overhead it messes up my TV reception. There are so few airplanes flying overhead nowadays that that is no longer an issue for me. I enjoy that.

But in all honesty, it’s getting pretty awful. People are starting to live facebook shots of the ambulances arriving across the streets from their apartments to take people out. The hospital a few blocks away is so overwhelmed it is having to turn away people.

Here is a nice little graphic of the virus per zip code. I am 11237, just to the right of lower Manhattan in the dark purple. It’s not pretty.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of Sirens

  1. At a certain point, government money will run out and shitty unemployment ain’t going to cover it. I predict an uptick in robbery, and eventually serious social unrest. I expect this in the next month or so.


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